TrueCertify - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a certified document?

A: A certified document is typically provided by a government agency as an official copy of a filed record. To reduce fraud, special paper and a raised seal are often used. A certified document is required by a number of critical business transactions, such as insurance claims, title transfer, court case file transfer, etc.

Q: What is TrueCertify?

A: TrueCertify is a software solution that provides an alternative to raised seals for delivery of paper or electronic copies of certified documents. It provides a more robust mechanism for assuring document authenticity that is virtually impossible to circumvent or forge.

Q: Why should we change?

A: The problem with the raised seal and the special paper is that with advances in technology they are increasingly susceptible to forgery. Also, the raised seal can only be applied to a paper copy, and therefore sending a certified copy electronically is not feasible, so business transactions are delayed waiting for a paper copy to arrive.

Q: How does it work?

A: A Clerk uses the TrueCertify software and with a single click builds a special version of the target document that includes a unique cover (or trailing) page that identifies the document, provides an encryption key, and a link to a Web portal (the portal can be setup on the customer’s website or at The created document is delivered to the customer in either electronic (PDF via e-mail) or paper form (over the counter), and the customer typically delivers the document to an end-user recipient for a particular business transaction.
The recipient uses the Web portal to perform visual verification, as needed to ensure that the document in their hand is exactly the same as what is on file at the clerk.

Q: How is it more secure?

A: Visual verification ensures that the paper document in my hand is the version on file at the clerk’s office. The visual verification must be done at a specific Website that is identified by the clerk, and no other. The verification website stores documents in encrypted form to prevent theft from the internet (the encryption keys are not stored with the documents).

Q: What does it cost?

A: TrueCertify uses a low-cost subscription pricing model, so there is no expensive software to buy, or hidden costs. The subscription price is established based upon estimated monthly usage.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: You can read more at the TrueCertify Website: TrueCertify is provided by ImageSoft. You can send an inquiry to

Or you can visit ImageSoft’s website at